Daniel Greenberg's editorial in The Washington Post

Daniel Greenberg’s Free Speech Editorial in The Washington Post:

Why the Supreme Court should rule that violent video games are free speech


Daniel Greenberg’s session at the 2014 Game Developers Conference:

Evocative Storytelling in Video Games: Write Less, Reveal More



LECTURES (partial list)


The White House Roundtable on Games for Health (2012) 

mHealth Mobile Health Conference 2011: What Will it Take to Drive Mass Adoption and Patient Engagement

CERSummit Cardiovascular Disease 2011: Roundtable on Behavioral Approaches to Incentivize Patients


Computer Game Developer’s Conference Lectures and Roundtables:

GDC 2014: Evocative Storytelling in Video Games: Write Less, Reveal More

GDC 2013:  Scapegoats No More: Improving the Public Image of Games


GDC 2011: ACSI – Global Game Ratings

GDC 2010: Anti-Censorship: Supreme Irony

GDC 2009: Anti-Censorship and Social Issues: Rapid Response

GDC 2008 Austin: Pushing Envelopes Without Burning Bridges: Interactive Writing

GDC 2008: Anti-Censorship and Social Issues

GDC 2007:Who's the Real Bully?: The Anti-Game Debate

GDC 2006: Coffee Stains: Rights and Responsibilities of Video Game Creators

GDC 2005: None Dare Call It Censorship

GDC 2004: Violence Roundtable

GDC 2003: Violent Videogames: Threat or Menace?

GDC 2002: New Perspectives on Old Designs

GDC 2001: FCC Report: When FCC Commissioners Attack

GDC 1998: Washington DC Road Trip: Game Developers Go Lobbying

GDC 1997: Government Report: Playing Games with Washington

GDC 1996: Government Affairs for Computer Game Designers

GDC 1995: Hot Content: Handling Controversial Material in Computer Games and Multimedia

GDC 1992: The Montessori Method as a Metaphor for Computer Game Design


 Microsoft Meltdown 2005: Multiple Platforms, One Game: Xbox 360 Cross Platform Game Design  

Mythic Journeys 2004

Serious Games Conference 2003 – Serious Games Initiative Launch Event

Association for Educational Development 1997: Building Judgment, Not Just Brand Loyalty

The Association of Motion Image Archivists 1997: Digital Video for Archival Storage

CD-ROM World 1994: Authoring Systems, Presentation Packages



Articles, special features, product roundups, hardware and software reviews, interviews and feature articles on multimedia and computer game technology for publications including:


The Washington Post (200+ Technology articles)

Gannett News Service (50+ Technology articles)

USA Today

Atlantic Magazine

Digital Video Magazine (Contributing Editor 1994-1998)

CD-ROM Professional, Amiga World, Compute Magazine, The Cursor, etc.

CGDA Report (Contributing Editor and Washington Correspondent)

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