Daniel Greenberg's Video Game Work (partial list):


The Elder Scrolls Online

Technology for Factions, backstory; 2014, by ZeniMax Online Studios

(Massively multiplayer online role-playing video game set in the Elder Scrolls universe)


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

Writer; 3DS 2011, Ubisoft

(Squad-based tactical video game, Launch Title for Nintendo 3DS)

The Lord of the Rings Online

Design, Story, Creative Direction, Tolkien Consultant; 2007, by Vivendi/Turbine

(Massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in Tolkien's Middle-earth during the time of The Lord of the Rings.)



Script, story, dialogue, 2007; by Crytek, Electronic Arts.

(Sci-fi first-person shooter from the award-winning developer Crytek, winner of 13 awards at E3.)


Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall

Quest Design, Licensed Character Dialogue; PC MMORPG by Cartoon Network, Turner

(Massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the Cartoon Network universe.)


Star Trek: Elite Force II

Full Script, Story, Voiceover Direction, 2004, PC by Ritual Entertainment, Activision


Second Sight

Script, Dialogue; 2003, PC, Xbox, PS2, and Nintendo Gamecube by Free Radical and Codemasters


The War of the Ring

Tolkien Consultant; 2003, PC by Liquid Entertainment, Vivendi Universal Games.


The Hobbit

Tolkien Consultant; 2003, PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube by Inevitable Entertainment, Game Boy Advance by Saffire, Vivendi Universal Games


The Fellowship of the Ring

Tolkien Consultant; 2002, Vivendi Universal Games, Xbox by WXP, PC and PS2 by Surreal, GBA by Pocket Studios


Independence Wars II: The Edge of Chaos

Interactive scripts, Full dialogue; 2001, PC CD-ROM and Dreamcast. Infogrames/Atari


Time Digital 2026

Interactive Script, Video/Audio Production and Direction. Online interactive companion to print magazine, with material by Bruce Sterling; 2000, Time Digital/Road Runner


Sea Dogs

Interactive Script; 2000, Bethesda Softworks


X-Men: The Mutant Wars

Script, Full dialogue, Story. Also handled Marvel Comics approval process.

Created two separate scripts for Sony Playstation and Gameboy titles; 2000, Activision


Vampire: The Masquerade- Redemption

Script, Full dialogue, Co-wrote story. Voice Direction; 2000, PC CD-ROM from Activision


Tenchu II: Birth of the Stealth Assassins

English Script, Full dialogue; 1999, Sony PlayStation from Activision


Elder Scrolls: Battlespire

Interactive scripts. 1997, PC CD-ROM from Bethesda Softworks


Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

Interactive scripts, Full dialogue, co-wrote story, Mission Design. PC CD-ROM. Interplay


Star Control 3

Interactive scripts, Full Dialogue, Co-design, programming. Voice Direction. PC CD-ROM from Accolade



Designed mini-games, PC CD-ROM from Philips


Entomorph: The Plague of the Darkfall

Story and level design assist. PC CD-ROM from SSI


Al Qadim: The Genie's Curse - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Partial script, half dialogue, level design, programming. PC CD-ROM from SSI



Wrote and designed racing magazine parody manual and opponent personalities, Activision



Educational/Serious Games: 

The Sorcerer's Apprentice:

Full Design. Internet-Based Learning Game from Amdahl/Pebblesoft 1997


Cousteau’s World: Cities Under the Sea: Coral Reefs

Produced and designed games. PC and Macintosh CD-ROM from Enteractive, 1995


Earth Explorer: The Multimedia Encyclopedia of the Environment

Designed and scripted 21 games. Co-authored interactive Data Sets.

PC and Macintosh CD-ROM. Apple Computer, 1994



Game Design Consulting (Partial List):


Virgin Interactive, Looking Glass: Voyager: 1997

Developed designs for Star Trek: Voyager computer game. Assisted with licensing.


Health Media Lab

Produced, designed, and wrote interactive scripts for educational crime science title PostMortem: Dialogues with the Dead, health investigation science title Covert Agent, and more. 1996-1998


Walt Disney Software: 1992

Designed and scripted a computer adventure game based on Disney Theme Park attraction.


Walt Disney Software: 1991

Wrote interactive scripting and storylines, co-designed interface, developed interface prototypes for an original Disney computer adventure game.


Mediagenic: Mechwarrior II: 1990-91

Co-designed interface, created branching storyline flowcharts, wrote interactive plot and script for the unreleased first version of the licensed Battletech computer game.


Infocom/Activision: BTS Project: 1988-89

Wrote interactive story and background material, designed story shell, interface, and logic for an original, unreleased science fiction computer game.



Live Action Game Events:

The Spy Game: Spy Museum Gala Produced by Daniel Greenberg and Associates, 2004 




Sinful Stars: HDI Publishing 1998

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy: Pocket Books 1997 (co-author)

Jyhad: The Eternal Struggle: White Wolf Publishing 1994

Drums Around the Fire: White Wolf Publishing, 1993

Children of the Inquisition: White Wolf Publishing, 1992

Into China, TSR Books, 1988

Witchfires of Leth, Tor Books, 1987





Fading Suns

The Sinful Stars: Tales of the Fading Suns

Fading Suns Player's Companion


Vampire: The Masquerade

Vampire Player's Guide

Vampire Storyteller's Guide

Malkavian Clan Sourcebook (Winner, White Wolf Fan Award, Best Adventure)

Elysium: The Elder Wars

The Last Supper: Giovanni Chronicles Book I (Winner, GAMA/Origins Award, Best Adventure)


Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Revised Edition

Umbra: The Velvet Shadow

Rage Across New York

Werewolf Player's Guide

Werewolf Storyteller's Guide

Werewolf: the Apocalypse, Second Edition

Children of Gaia Tribebook


Wraith: The Oblivion

Wraith: The Oblivion, First Edition RPG


Mage: The Ascension

Digital Web

Mage Player's Guide: The Book of Shadows


Last Unicorn Games

Star Trek: The Next Generation Role-Playing Game

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Role-Playing Game



Los Angeles Sourcebook: City of Fallen Angels

Crucible of Pain


DC Heroes

The Magic Sourcebook

JLI: Exposed! (DC Heroes Second Edition Boxed Set)

Atlas of the DC Universe

War of the Gods

Strangers in Paradise

Countdown to Armageddon,

Who Watches the Watchmen (Winner RPGA Award Best Adventure)



Hot Rods of the Gods (Nominated for GAMA/Origins Best Adventure)


Star Wars: 

Tatooine Manhunt (#1 Bestselling Star Wars Adventure)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 

Turtles Go Hollywood


Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (Role Aids)

Elves Sourcebook

The Keep (Nominated for RPGA Best Adventure)





The Adventurers Book II- Issues 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Warriors-  Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.



LECTURES (partial list)


The White House Roundtable on Games for Health (2012) 

mHealth Mobile Health Conference 2011: What Will it Take to Drive Mass Adoption and Patient Engagement

CERSummit Cardiovascular Disease 2011: Roundtable on Behavioral Approaches to Incentivize Patients


Computer Game Developer’s Conference Lectures and Roundtables:

GDC 2014: Evocative Storytelling in Video Games: Write Less, Reveal More

GDC 2013:  Scapegoats No More: Improving the Public Image of Games


GDC 2011: ACSI – Global Game Ratings

GDC 2010: Anti-Censorship: Supreme Irony

GDC 2009: Anti-Censorship and Social Issues: Rapid Response

GDC 2008 Austin: Pushing Envelopes Without Burning Bridges: Interactive Writing

GDC 2008: Anti-Censorship and Social Issues

GDC 2007:Who's the Real Bully?: The Anti-Game Debate

GDC 2006: Coffee Stains: Rights and Responsibilities of Video Game Creators

GDC 2005: None Dare Call It Censorship

GDC 2004: Violence Roundtable

GDC 2003: Violent Videogames: Threat or Menace?

GDC 2002: New Perspectives on Old Designs

GDC 2001: FCC Report: When FCC Commissioners Attack

GDC 1998: Washington DC Road Trip: Game Developers Go Lobbying

GDC 1997: Government Report: Playing Games with Washington

GDC 1996: Government Affairs for Computer Game Designers

GDC 1995: Hot Content: Handling Controversial Material in Computer Games and Multimedia

GDC 1992: The Montessori Method as a Metaphor for Computer Game Design


 Microsoft Meltdown 2005: Multiple Platforms, One Game: Xbox 360 Cross Platform Game Design  

Mythic Journeys 2004

Serious Games Conference 2003 – Serious Games Initiative Launch Event

Association for Educational Development 1997: Building Judgment, Not Just Brand Loyalty

The Association of Motion Image Archivists 1997: Digital Video for Archival Storage

CD-ROM World 1994: Authoring Systems, Presentation Packages



Articles, special features, product roundups, hardware and software reviews, interviews and feature articles on multimedia and computer game technology for publications including:


The Washington Post (200+ Technology articles)

Gannett News Service (50+ Technology articles)

USA Today

Digital Video Magazine (Contributing Editor 1994-1998)

CD-ROM Professional, Amiga World, Compute Magazine, The Cursor, etc.

CGDA Report (Contributing Editor and Washington Correspondent)



Who’s Who in America 1999+

International Game Developers Association (CGDA Charter Member)

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Game Manufacturers Association

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting/Directing from George Mason University, 1985





Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars


“This should be the first title you buy for your new 3DS… a polished and challenging experience…Every character has its own set of weapons and specialities with individual gameplay properties that demand you get to know them properly and play to their strengths as a team…one of the best handheld titles of its kind in years, and a surprising jewel in the 3DS launch line-up.”



Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall


“A blast to play… an engaging storyline, easy to follow for young players, but still creative enough to hold my interest… this game far exceeded my expectations on many levels…amazing story”


Ars Technica

“ surprisingly fun…It has enough quirky humor and stylish production values to entertain more jaded gamers… imaginatively-designed enemies… One of the best things about the game is still its style: not only does the unique visual style of the game stand out, but the voice-acting for almost all the CNU characters is actually provided by the actors who played the roles on TV, too.” 



“The award for the most memorable part of FusionFall goes to: the NPC’s! It’s always exciting when a new game comes out that features characters with whom you can associate…the story is fleshed out and serious time went into the NPC development.” 





“an epic three-act story of alien invasion…  Crysis is this year's landmark… definitely delivers on its promise… Crysis continually tops itself with sequence after sequence unlike any other game before it… the most memorable gaming moments of 2007”.


PC Gamer

"Game of the Year" Award and "Action Game of the Year Award." “Pushed PC gaming to a new plateau, marrying the most advanced graphics engine ever created with phenomenal gameplay. From the cinematic opening to credits to its cliffhanger ending, Crysis is mesmerizing."



“Best Shooter” Award. “a dynamic game, one that you can play several times to discover new things and to experiment with different approaches



“Editor's Choice Award.” “The fact that developer Crytek has figured out how to create a story that doesn't drip with cheese helped immerse us into a "realistic" and exciting near-future. Voice acting is pretty good, the in-game cutscenes are well designed to never take you out of the action, and the aliens are actually menacing and dangerous, unlike the campy Trigens of Far Cry. Crytek has obviously learned a lot about presentation and storytelling since their first effort. I found myself caring about the story that's there and wanting to kick the aliens off of our planet.”



The Lord of the Rings Online



“...so enjoyable to play… a testament to its great design… slick and engaging questing… plenty of appealing exploration… Tolkien fans won't be left in the lurch... The game is brimming with well-known characters and name-dropping galore, as well as familiar races that should please anyone acquainted with the LOTR universe… “story quests thread together your adventures. Completing each one rewards you with a high-quality cutscene, and it's in these moments that the license shines most… Middle-earth is beautiful to look at and brimming with touches that distinguish it from other fantasy settings. Seeing petite hobbit holes or the House of Elrond for the first time are gleeful moments for fans…   it's got plenty of fan service without ever resting on the laurels of a famous franchise… The Lord of the Rings Online's greatest asset: It's fun to play. ”



“excellent story elements… a great job in making the play experience in this game more fluid, keeping you moving and discovering new things, instead of requiring you to sit in one spot and beat on the same kind of enemy for a horrifying number of hours. There are always quests to do, they generally offer great rewards… it spotlights social interaction, which is the entire point of playing this genre of game in the first place.” 



“an exceptional MMO that can easily stand among the best in the genre… The world is filled with quests to complete… One of the best elements of the game is the emphasis on storytelling as an integral part of the play experience…”  



Sea Dogs

PC CD-ROM from Bethesda Softworks



“an excellent game… in-depth storyline… countless branching dialogue conversations… As the tale progresses, character development becomes an even more fascinating process, masterfully drawing players ever deeper into the plot… the amount of detail invested in the waterway encounters will astound you… This is one booty call you won't want to miss. 8.5 out of 10”



“… truly a fantastic title, filled with enough adventure and mayhem for the adventuring pirate in all of us.  Being a pirate has never been so fun…

“The towns provide the substance of the adventure, and you'll find propositions from various people in the town.  It's these adventures that will forward the storyline, and give you even more reason to take the seas and destroy the enemy…”  Score: 94 out of 100




Vampire: The Masquerade: Redemption

PC CD-ROM from Activision 


PC Gamer (Review 9/00)

“Highs: Deep storyline… story tight and compelling. The story goes through love, heartache, betrayal, politics, and outright revenge… sheer beauty and shining quality… potential to be the best RPG ever created.” 


PC Gamer (Strategy Section 9/00)

“This is an epic RPG in the best sense of the word. A heart-wrenching storyline of lost love and stolen innocence. It would take a book to track the complex plot lines.”


Computer Gaming World (Preview)

“Redemption’s story, which hard-core fans will be thrilled to know was developed with White Wolf’s direct input and was co-written by longtime Vampire writer Daniel Greenberg… is steeped in storytelling, with deep role-playing elements”


“…the elusive holy grail of gaming: the mature, emotionally involving action game.”


Computer Games Magazine (Review 9/00)

“…the premise and story are more original and more interesting than what generally passes for a plot in computer role-playing games… the story is engaging…


Maximum PC Magazine (Review 9/00)

“Bloody good gaming…  Plusses: Deep gameplay, good story and scripting…

Once Vampire: The Masquerade-Redemption sinks its teeth into you, you'll be under its spell…  The story is quite deep… gifted with a complex storyline, and finely crafted dialogue….”



The Los Angeles Times (8/24/00)

“An Atmospheric Triumph… takes role-playing to a new level… complex and elegant…”

“One word that pretty much sums it up, though, is simple enough: Wow.”

“…the multi-pronged story is a masterpiece.”


CNET Gamecenter

“Rich narrative; Deep gameplay… A vast, epic game with a complex story…

Vampire has every element in place to make it instantly addictive…

Morality, faith, love, duty, and death … the drama really delivers…

…unique and addictive experience…you will want to see where the story goes

…sheer quality of its design and content. Not many games compare to Vampire…”


Adrenaline Vault

“A theatrical performance worthy of a Tony award…”

“…complex script… deep characters, a great story, wonderful atmosphere. You'll not find many titles this plentiful in storyline, character interaction and development…”

“Because Vampires are immortal beings, the evolution of the story also adds a great deal to the

immersion factor, which is very high. Characters you meet early on develop over time and

progress with Christof with each advancement of the plot. The exploration of the world takes a

back seat to the development of characters, a trait not used often, and one characteristic of

old-school RPGs. The well constructed storyline and character development system give VTM:

Redemption an overpoweringly immersive quality, possessed in very few offerings today… one of the best old-school RPGs released in a long time.”


“All of the spoken dialogue is delivered professionally and is believable throughout. The complex script was surely challenging for the actors, but never once did I get the feeling they were anybody other than who they were pretending to be.”


“VTM: Redemption is one of the richest and most detailed CRPGs ever created.”


Computer Game Review

“The monster is you. That’s the revolutionary idea behind White Wolf’s Word of Darkness…”

“The premise and story are more original and more interesting than what passes for a plot in computer role-playing games… I could go on and on about the single-player version and how amazingly fun it is.”


Daily Radar

“A compelling story… The story combined with the graphics is almost overwhelmingly appealing.” 


PC Zone:

“The Shakespearean tone… is embedded in some of the game's very themes. The forbidden love between Christof and Anezka echoes that of Romeo And Juliet, while Christof's inner struggle brings back memories of Hamlet… … You care about what's happening. You continue because you want to know where the story is going… The Masquerade world is so engrossing that you don't want to leave it… You are unlikely to find a more challenging, rewarding or gorgeous RPG… Bloody marvelous”


PC Gameworld 

“A big hand for the writer!”


“The usage of century-old language is wonderful. The characters speak with strong metaphors and poetic fluidity, as well as creative insults and courageous battle cries.”

“The voice acting is some of the best I've heard to date… Vampire's team definitely did a

great job in finding some talented voice actors for this mesmerizing game.

“… rich, engrossing story of the origin and evolution of vampires. Enjoy.”



Tenchu II: Birth of the Stealth Assassins:

Sony PlayStation from Activision


DailyRadar/ Next Generation Magazine

"A central story that is compelling and interesting… a better understanding of the ninja… one of the most absorbing and evocative experiences we've had on the PlayStation this year… Tenchu 2 is gripping, sleek and cool… one of the best PSX games of the year."



"The story is compelling, impressive in the telling, and multilayered"

"The story sequences - the secret final ending especially - are particularly nice."

"The most immense game of its genre."



"Players have one long, engrossing story-based game to play. In that way, Tenchu II is much better than its predecessor."

"…a  remarkable experience… class and integrity."



"… a well-done plot which is different depending on which character you choose."

"Tenchu Very Much. The second Tenchu is measurably better than the first."

"An action game that makes you think."



"…storylines tightly wound around the game… storyline works flawlessly."



Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

PC CD-ROM from Interplay


CNN (Review)

"…a very good original story…the best Trek game yet."


Computer Games Strategy Plus (Review)

"…a great story "


"The cut scenes reveal some of the subtleties of crew dynamics, especially the cultural and ethnic tensions intertwined therein. During the later missions, these skills play a major part in resolving crisis situations throughout the vast reaches of space."


"The game represents the spirit of Star Trek in laudable fashion, balancing the thrill of space conflict with the wisdom of a timeless legacy spanning four decades."


Computer Games Strategy Plus (Jan 98 Follow-up to the Review):

“This game is a hell of a lot of fun across the board.”


PC Games (Review)

"Starfleet Academy succeeds better than any previous Trek game at capturing the feel of the show and the full Trek experience."


"The cut scenes, by the way, aren't just filler. One of the criteria for making your way through the game is how well you handle your crew, and you'll see their interactions here. They're not all pleasant, either: animosity makes itself felt from the first Academy-bar gathering, and you'll need to defuse tensions without losing your grip on them. If the crew rating goes down, it'll have ramifications later in crucial situations."


"…make no mistake- thinking will be required."

"a truly superb game…warps past any previous Trek game."

"It's instant addiction… a fulfilling gift for the Trekkies among us.”

"Play it: It goes where no Trek game has gone before."



Computer Gaming World (Review)

"…strong story…good writing…the story is pretty immersive."

"Missions are true to the Star Trek Mythos."


CNET GameCenter.com (Review)

"Beautiful, strong story elements, …clever writing and an understanding of the Trek mythos (and its implications) that surpasses most of the current TV shows and movies. In fact, the question of what we are to learn from Kirk himself and his "Cowboy Diplomacy" (based on the original series and first set of movies) is one of the major themes of this story."


Computer Gaming World (News Feature)

"Dan Greenberg, award-winning paper game designer, wrote the original interactive material for the game. Dan wrote an ambitious script where all game choices not only made sense, but where all choices must be set-up. Just as a mystery novel isn't entertaining to read if you have the sense that the writer is going to throw new evidence at you during the last scene, games cease to be fun when you feel like you aren't being given enough information to make a meaningful choice."



Star Control 3

PC CD-ROM from Accolade


Computer Gaming World, Dec 96 (Review) Rating: Four Stars


"The ultimate space adventure."

"…hilarious and extremely well scripted."
"…great stories, humor, and gameplay…"

"…a wonderful science-fiction story line."

"…a dizzying array of sub-plots."

"…an overflowing mix of aliens…"

"…huge and complex plot structure…"

"…SC3 is non-linear, so you can solve each race's story in whatever order you wish."


"There is, in fact, so much to explore and so much story to unravel, that Star Control 3 plays like almost an entire season of Star Trek episodes."


"The dialogue for each race is also on par with the excellent plotting."


"…a superb job of giving each race a distinct personality that shines through their unique and flavorful dialogue."


"The best writing, though, is reserved for the new races of SC3."


"The dim-witted Doog and the insecure K'tang are especially funny; I was literally crying with laughter the first time I encountered the ridiculous K'tang."


"…hilarious dialogue, great character interaction…"


"a truly stellar experience."


"Great story, funny characters and dialogue… huge amounts of gameplay."


PC Gamer, December 96 (Review) Rating: 90%, Editors Choice

"Epic story line; wide variety of aliens; professional voice acting; tons of things to do."


"You can't help but like it when aliens and an epic story are placed in the bizarrely humorous Star Control Universe."


"…the story will draw you in so much…"


"The voice acting is superbly done."

"Each alien has a distinctive lingual pattern, and what they say makes sense to the characters… This is one game where you won't turn off the sound five minutes into it."

"The vast majority of the game takes place in dialog with other aliens, either extracting information, discussing alliances, or simply insulting each other. That's where most of the humor comes into play, and fans of subtlety will appreciate it."

"Star Control 3 has some pretty big shoes to fill, and it does so beautifully."

"If you're a fan of the older Star Control games, you won't be disappointed."

"…Star Control 3 is a worthy successor, and a blast to play."


Computer Gaming World, January 97 (Strategy Guide)

"Playing Star Control 3 is like putting on the giant shoes of Captain Kirk for a full season of Star Trek. You'll explore strange new worlds, meet new civilizations, and boldly go where no other science fiction game has gone before."


PC Games, December 96 (Review) Rating: A-

"It's in the serious moments that Star Control 3's alien interactions really shine. The writing, acting, and sound manipulation of the Mycon, for instance, are eerie as hell. It's alien in the truest sense of the word."

"Star Control 3 delivers the goods, with lots of gameplay, configurability, and depth."

"Star Control 3 is a delightfully challenging game that's sure to please fans of the series and newcomers alike."


Computer Gaming World, December 95 (Holiday Hot 100, Adventure #3)

 "a universe of amazing depth… hilarious dialogue and voice work…"


Next Generation, January 97 (Review) Rating: Four Stars

"The voice acting and dialog throughout the game is top-notch."


Computer Gaming World, October 96 (Hands On Preview)

"…a good sci-fi story with Lovecraftian influences and some very funny dialogue."


PC Gamer, December 95 (Preview)

"The story is the most elaborate ever seen in any science fiction title."

"…reaches beyond science-fiction stereotypes and clichés, beyond mere war and conquest, to involve the user in a strange, elaborate universe where almost anything is possible."

"So many things enter into gameplay…moral and ethical questions, tough decisions, and delicate diplomatic relations—that SC3 should be one of the more exciting releases of 1996."


Coming Soon Magazine, Issue 18 (Review)

"The best science-fiction story ever written for a computer game."



Al Qadim: The Genie's Curse

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Computer Game PC CD-ROM from SSI


Computer Gaming World: “Al Qadim whisks away traditional role-playing on its magic carpet... incorporates many evolutionary changes... a new kind of role-playing game that may point toward the future of the genre.”


Computer Shopper: “In these days of labeling certain games with warnings about “mature content, it is refreshing to see a game where honor and courtesy are an integral part, and portrayed in a way that isn’t trite.”


CD-ROM Entertainment: “A fun romp in the exotic middle east...I found the puzzles challenging and entertaining... The storyline was of a nature I had not seen before, and was intriguing....quite different than the kill all the monsters AD&D game you’re used to.”


Electronic Entertainment: “Richer and more complex than SSI’s other Forgotten Realms worlds...In a new approach to the old AD&D formula, story line, plot, and character take precedence over puzzle solving... Even minor characters possess intricate personalities...”


Strategy Plus: “I say give it a try. You’ll most likely have as much fun as I did.”


Dragon Magazine: “Wow! Was this game fun!”



Earth Explorer's Hot Topics games:


CD-ROM Today: 5 stars (of 5): “An example of educational programming at its best, presenting solid information in an intelligent and thought-provoking format... Hot Topics not only engage kids’ interest, but teach them to reason, to argue, and to weigh evidence.”


MacUser: 4+1/2 mice (of 5) Number 1 title in Children list. “...conveying a remarkable depth of information... encourages kids to look at issues from all sides before forming opinions.”


HomePC: “Hot Topics, Earth Explorer’s most provocative section, helps separate hard facts from hyperbole… helps kids learn by talking about environmental questions raised by the broadcast and print media.”


Parents Magazine: If a CD-ROM could change the world, it would look a lot like Earth

Explorer... identifies the issues and encourages kids to draw their own conclusions.”


Computer Life: 5 stars (of 5): “…presents Hot Topic debates in a discussion forum. Children are encouraged to evaluate complex situations and develop their own ideas.”

Best of Everything: 1995, Winner of the Best Product Award for Children’s Education,


Computer Game Review: “The educational content (of Hot Topics) is presented in a game-like way that is mentally challenging, but does an admirable job of not trivializing the content or the methodology.”


Awarded the 1995 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval for Computer Software

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